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í Summary of DS2 final deliverables

Many great projects related to Unit 8. Particularly Ben’s collaboration with the Elevator Repair Service performance troupe. Their collaborative works show how manual execution of recordings and automated processes lead to interesting results. See:

Info on the lecture

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w “The Machines are Coming”


OTTO, Jürg Lehni, 2014
Brushless DC motors, chalk tool head, sprung steel reels, cables, custom made controller, Paper.js software
Based on VIKTOR (vimeo.com/16379803), and developed further as part of a commission by the Long Now Foundation in San Francisco to create a permanent installation at their space «The Interval»: longnow.org

í Unit 8: Assignment

B Unit 8: Readings & References



How can technology be used to bring people together?


The Internet age has accelerated the use of automated processes and machines at the expense of the one-off design artifact. How we choose to make our work, and the way it is consumed, has an inherently social function. This unit asks you to form an ethical stance with the technical choices that you make. What effects do these choices have on the way people interact?

Learning objectives

– Form an opinion about the role of technology in the ways humans interact
– Increase sensitivity to the integration of machines in everyday life
– Communicate ideas beyond your ability to execute it. Create a clear and coherent proposal/prototype
– Become aware of speculative or non-functional designs for rhetorical effect

Lecture Notes


ZYX iPhone Activity


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w “The Web of Life”

Fritjof Capra


w “Systems Generating Systems”

Christopher Alexander