Unit 8: Readings & References

Required for March 5th

As Robots Grow Smarter, Workers Struggle to keep Up”, New York Times
“The iPhone is the new Model-T”, John Caserta

Extended bibliography

“Will Your Job Be Done by a Machine,” NPR
Automation Makes us Dumber“, WSJ
Harnessing algorithms to create shape-change typography,” Wired
Nicholas Carr: The Glass Cage: Automation and Us (also see: video overview)
Lewis Mumford “Art & Technics
Miranda July’s “Somebody” app & miu miu video
Dunne & Raby Speculative Everything
Anthony Dunne lecture: “What If: Crafting Design Speculations”
Jon Sueda, Ed. All Possible Futures
Eugeny Morozov. To Save Everything, Click Here: The Folly of Technological Solutionism.
N. Joseph Woodland, Inventor of the Bar Code, Dies at 91
“The Machines Are Coming”, The New York Times. An op-ed by Zeynep Tufekci. More writings by her on her website and on Medium


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  1. John Caserta says:

    NYTimes Discussion: Digital Friendships
    Can real relationships be forged between people who never meet?

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