Unit 2: Phase 4: Rewriting the Word

Start in class, finish for next week.

Now return to the act of writing the word, using ONLY the single word and its letters, this time with a visual search to broaden the meaning of the word via visual qualities (cf. concept map). Begin in simple ways: to write the word with some adjective in mind to harmonize writing action and visual form.

During this process become aware of your curiosities, interests, and questions for inquiry, and write these down during reflective periods. Especially note the many ways the visual implicates the various complexities of expression embedded in the word. How much of the concept map’s ideas can you integrate via this single word? How does the graphic action and medium “massage” the message (see Quentin Fiore and Marshall McLuhan)?

For next week (Sept 24): Explore this “transcription” process for the visible word and its representational qualities for meaning.

Come prepared to share the results in class. Communicate in a quick, efficient way to help us get into the depth of your work, inquiries and questions to help us appreciate the value of your efforts.


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