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å Monday, October 26th, 2015

B Nicholas Felton – PDF links

Here is a compiled list of links from the PDF for Nicholas Felton’s workshop!

Tools to Clean:
Text Edit (never underestimate find & replace)
Numbers, Excel, Google Docs
Trifacta Wrangler (trifacta.com)
Open Refine (openrefine.org)
Data Wrangler (vis.stanford.edu/wrangler/app/)

Tools to Extend:
Text & image topic extraction (imagga.com)
Geocode: Google Maps (control click on map and select “What’s here?”)
Place categorization (developer.foursquare.com)
Changes to articles (newsdiffs.org)
Tools to Explore:
Numbers, Excel, Google Docs (use formulas and graphs)
Database (MySQL)
Mapping (CartoDB)
Data Hero (datahero.com)
Chartlr (chartlr.com)
Tableau (tableau.com)

5. Typography

Hoefler (typography.com)
Commercial (commercialtype.com)
Kris Sowersby (klim.co.nz)
YouWorkForThem (youworkforthem.com)
Fontstand (fontstand.com)

6. Color

Color Brewer (colorbrewer2.org)


Sample Processing sketches | github.com/feltron
Felton’s favs! | feltron.tumblr.com
Sha Hwang | pinterest.com/shashashasha/

Francesco Franchi | francescofranchi.com
Jer Thorp | blprnt.com
Moritz Stefaner | truth-and-beauty.net
Ben Fry | fathom.info
Catalog Tree | catalogtree.net
Pitch Interactive | pitchinteractive.com
Carl Detorres | cdgd.com
Stefanie Posavec | stefanieposavec.co.uk
Kelli Anderson | kellianderson.com

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B Information design books at Fleet

I’ve put these on reserve at Fleet for DS3 (bring the call # to the front desk and they’ll get it for you). The Edward Tufte books are classic and essential information design works and sort of “required reading” for anyone visualizing information. They’re really worth careful study at some point in your RISD career. I also reserved some of Richard Saul Wurman’s (founder of TED) information design books, which are a good counterpoint to Tufte. Wurman is speaking at the Fleet on Monday, Nov 2.

Edward Tufte
Beautiful Evidence
The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
Visual Explanations
Envisioning Information

Richard Saul Wurman
Information Architects
Understanding USA
Understanding Healthcare

Information Anxiety 2

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B reading for Felton Workshop

Please read in preparation for Felton Workshop


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Y 10/26/15 Nicholas Felton Workshop

Here is the write-up for the Nicholas Felton three day project.
Please read all of it before the 1:10 lecture today.
DS3 RISDxFeltronWorkshop_102515b

How do you condense a section of the the Sunday New York Times into a single page?

outline for the workshop:

>> Each team will deliver 1 to 4 single page aggregations of their chosen section.

>> The dimensions of each page should match the dimensions of the section.

>> Final files should be placed in the workshop’s Google Drive folder:

>> Monday, October 26 Lecture 1:10–2:10  / Introduce Assignment 2:10–3:00 / Reconvene at 5:00

>> Tuesday, October 27 Meet with Nicholas: Office hours DC 7th fl 11:00–5:00 (sign up Tues at 11)

>> Wednesday, October 28 Review Assignment 11:20-4:20

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