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í Unit 13: Overview & Assignment


How does a designer make use of sequence?


How does a designer study, explore and use “sequence” — the means, the order of succession, the arrangement of things? Stories, films, books, TV, music, videos, comics, games etc all have sequence or some aspect of it. It’s a conceptual tool in the creative process of design actions.

Learning Objectives

– To study the basic elements of visual narrative: framing, types and size of shots (long, medium, close-up), points of view(s), editing and sequencing
– To become more critically aware of how images function
– To become familiar with theoretical and reflective aspects of visual narrative
– To become familiar with the mise-en-scène theory — where it has been used to construct visual composition but also it can be applied to reading and deconstructing visually elements of movies, painting or architecture etc.

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