Nicholas Felton – PDF links

Here is a compiled list of links from the PDF for Nicholas Felton’s workshop!

Tools to Clean:
Text Edit (never underestimate find & replace)
Numbers, Excel, Google Docs
Trifacta Wrangler (
Open Refine (
Data Wrangler (

Tools to Extend:
Text & image topic extraction (
Geocode: Google Maps (control click on map and select “What’s here?”)
Place categorization (
Changes to articles (
Tools to Explore:
Numbers, Excel, Google Docs (use formulas and graphs)
Database (MySQL)
Mapping (CartoDB)
Data Hero (
Chartlr (
Tableau (

5. Typography

Hoefler (
Commercial (
Kris Sowersby (
YouWorkForThem (
Fontstand (

6. Color

Color Brewer (


Sample Processing sketches |
Felton’s favs! |
Sha Hwang |

Francesco Franchi |
Jer Thorp |
Moritz Stefaner |
Ben Fry |
Catalog Tree |
Pitch Interactive |
Carl Detorres |
Stefanie Posavec |
Kelli Anderson |


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