10/26/15 Nicholas Felton Workshop

Here is the write-up for the Nicholas Felton three day project.
Please read all of it before the 1:10 lecture today.
DS3 RISDxFeltronWorkshop_102515b

How do you condense a section of the the Sunday New York Times into a single page?

outline for the workshop:

>> Each team will deliver 1 to 4 single page aggregations of their chosen section.

>> The dimensions of each page should match the dimensions of the section.

>> Final files should be placed in the workshop’s Google Drive folder:

>> Monday, October 26 Lecture 1:10–2:10  / Introduce Assignment 2:10–3:00 / Reconvene at 5:00

>> Tuesday, October 27 Meet with Nicholas: Office hours DC 7th fl 11:00–5:00 (sign up Tues at 11)

>> Wednesday, October 28 Review Assignment 11:20-4:20


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