Collaborative Methods

Below is a list of collaborative methods that I’ve been compiling. It may be of use as the nature of our collaboration broadens in this next week.

Back and forth: Limited number of participants (2 ideally), with everyone shaping it in an ongoing and iterative way. One person working, then passing to next.

Crowd-sourced: One person asks, people in other places satisfy that ask. Best result(s) used.

Active hand-off: One person designs, then hands to the next person

Passive hand-off: One person designs, leaves the design, another person chooses to pick it up

Parallel play: All doing same task alongside each other. Pick from results or combine results

Perpendicular play: All doing a different projects alongside each other. Ideas rub off.

Group share: One larger task is done by multiple people at the same time in the same space.

Group split: One larger task is broken up into smaller tasks then recombined or synthesized. Larger task may be known (have been planned out) or unknown (needs to be discovered)


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