Unit 3: For next week

A tool—any tool—is possibility at one end and a handle at the other.

Select two tools of your own choosing, from two different quadrants of this matrix:


  1. physical + design/art— (ex: letterpress, calligraphy brush, camera)
  2. digital + design/art— (ex: photoshop, or one particular action / filter within photoshop)
  3. physical non-design/art— (ex: photocopier, telephone, trowel, dice)
  4. digital non-design/art— (ex: microsoft word, excel, google)

Explore both tools’ default behavior(s). Explore their most unorthodox potentials. Hack the tools, break the tools. (If they belong to RISD, please don’t actually break the tools.) For this week, experimentation is key. Process rather than final results.


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